copyright Josh Raffertys Photography

copyright Josh Raffertys Photography

Make It Shine

Make your special day shine and stand out from the rest with some live music. Whether there is a special song that you want to walk down the aisle to, or you want to give your guests that little extra touch during canapés to set the mood, or end your night with a boogie on the dance floor, we have the band for you.

Drop us a line and let us help you to find the right music options to make your day shine.



Make It Your Own

Want those memories to last forever? With the make it your own package, we can help make that happen. The musicians from your big day will go into a professional recording studio and record up to three songs from your special day.

Use it for the backing to your wedding DVD or your new mix-tape for the car, or get it out on anniversaries to take a spin to; however you chose to use it, it’s sure to become your new favourite soundtrack to your memories.



Make It Happen

Wanting music for your big day but don’t want to have to deal with all the finer details of finding and organising different musicians and bands?  No worries, why don’t you let us make it happen for you! Tell us what you like and we will take care of the rest. That’s it. You just need to turn up on the day and know that you and your guests are about to be treated to a musical smorgasbord from the ceremony, through to canapés, dinnertime, first dances, to dance-floor boogies with our in-house DJ.

Hand over the stress, drop us a line, and let us take care of the rest and just make it happen for you.